Pool Tile Cleaning & Spa

pool tile cleaning tempeYour swimming pool is probably one of the more expensive improvements that you’ve made to your home. And you’re likely very proud of it. Outdoor living is one of the best things about living in Arizona, and a beautiful, sparkling swimming pool is the perfect centerpiece. Keeping your pool well maintained goes a long way in protecting your investment.

Maintaining proper water chemistry plays a vital role in the preservation of not just your pool, but its plumbing and equipment as well. Maintaining proper levels of “hardness” can be especially difficult in hard water areas such as ours. After some time, even the most diligently maintained systems can show signs of hard water deposits, also called “scale”. Scale most often appears at the water line as rough whitish patches comprised of calcium carbonate. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater system, your pool is susceptible to the effects of the hard water that’s present in our area, and the resulting scale. To compound this, our extremely hot and dry weather results in a rapid evaporation rate that can also contribute to deposits being left behind on our beautiful shiny tile, dulling the finish.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Pool Tile

So, why not just clean your pool tile yourself? Mainly, because not only is the process a pain in the you-know-what, it can be dangerous. Many of the do-it-yourself tile cleaning products available contain harsh chemicals, and one of the “make it yourself” versions is a diluted muriatic (hydrochloric) acid mixture. Both cleaning solutions require prior precise adjustments to the pool water’s pH levels to compensate for the added chemical load.  Additionally, at a minimum you’ll need rubber gloves and a wire brush or pumice stone to scrub off the scale. If you decide to take the DIY route, it’s crucial that you use extreme caution when working with chemicals, especially muriatic acid, as it’s one of the most corrosive acids there is.

Removing Scale From Your Pool Tile is Hard Work

Make no mistake about it, not only is it hard work, all of your efforts may not completely remove the scale, resulting in not only wasted money, but wasted time as well. And also important to keep in mind is the potential risk of causing damage to the pool tile or other surfaces. Uneven surfaces, delicate tile, and other materials commonly used in swimming pools can easily become scratched or otherwise irreparably damaged as a result of improper pool tile cleaning. Scratched or damaged tile will attract scale even more quickly. Left untreated, the scale continues to build, eventually making safe removal next to impossible. At that point if you want to maintain the value of your investment, the only remedy is tile replacement, and possibly the need for total pool resurfacing. Probably not what you’d want to spend your hard earned money on, especially since it could likely have been avoided, or at the very least postponed for several years. It is best to leave pool tile cleaning to professionals like Azul Pool and Spa Services.

What’s the (easy and quick) Solution?

Short of investing thousands of dollars in a water softening system, consider having professional pool tile cleaning performed during the off season for swimming in Arizona. Having your swimming pool tile professionally cleaned by Azul Pool can extend the life of your pool tile and surfaces for years to come. Our tile cleaning experts will have your pool tile looking like new in no time using our state of the art equipment that utilizes a high volume, low pressure process to safely and effectively clean the “gunk” off of your tile, leaving it clean and bright.

When it comes to pool tile cleaning, we’re professionals. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done quickly, effectively and safely. We’ll save you time while helping to protect your investment. Let our professionally trained experts take care of the work, so you can enjoy your friends, family, and sparkling pool. Call us today!