Phoenix Outdoor Pool Shower & Bath

outdoor shower phoenixOutdoor showers and baths are a great addition to your backyard pool or they can be added as a stand-alone luxurious, landscaping feature if you enjoy the experience of bathing in nature. Many outdoor enthusiasts love the idea of being able to shower in the beautiful Phoenix sunshine. Azul Pool and Spa Services would love to design the perfect outdoor shower or bath for your yard!

Outdoor Shower for Your Swimming Pool

A nice advantage of having an outdoor shower is that you can rinse off after swimming and continue enjoying. If you own a chlorine pool, you may well know that the both the smell and residue of chlorine can cause skin and allergy irritation, as well as dry out your hair.

Additionally, your outdoor shower can be used by yourself and guests to rinse off personal care products before getting in the pool, which will help to maintain a clean pool. When you have a lot of people in and out of the pool,  personal care products can affect the cleanliness and chemical balance of the water.

Outdoor Baths for Relaxation

A relaxing bath is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, and many people love the added relaxation when that bath can be enjoyed under the elements – whether that be the sun or the moon and stars. Reconnect with nature! Outdoor baths are gaining in popularity in the US but have been popular around the world for quite some time now. Azul installs our luxurious outdoor baths so you can bathe in the privacy of your own backyard. Expanding your living space outside gives you the opportunity to enjoy your very own private backyard retreat.

Installing Outdoor Showers & Baths

There are specific considerations that need to be made in order to ensure the plumbing, fixtures, and tiling is installed correctly. Other installation elements might include lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, drainage, and ventilation.

Our qualified team at Azul Pool and Spa Services is here to help with all of your outdoor shower and bath needs. We have over 13 years experience serving the residents of Phoenix and we know how to get the job done right. Contact us today to discuss installing an outdoor shower or bath for your home today!