Tempe Commercial Pool Repair & Service


  • Maintenance plan is tailored to each client’s needs
  • Chemical sales
  • Chemicals dropped off on site
  • Emergency service
  • Arrange furniture
  • Clean decks
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Empty trash cans
  • Clean tile

commercial pool repair & service tempeIt takes specialized skills and knowledge to maintain a commercial swimming pool, which is why it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced pool company. Having a professional swimming pool company that can properly service your commercial pool repairs will save you time and money.

Hotels, apartment buildings, recreation centers and schools with commercial swimming pools often hire a professional pool company to maintain and repair their swimming pools and pool equipment. It is important to hire a pool company that is licensed bonded and insured, understands Maricopa County Code and regulations, and understands how important it is to keep a public pool environment safe for members, guest and home owners.

Properly maintaining a body of water is an important and critical task. Nothing is more inviting to a guest or tenant than a sparkling inviting swimming pool. Also, a well maintained swimming pool facility positively affects your image and business character which allows business to thrive without headaches.

As a commercial pool operator, you need a swimming pool company with the expertise and experience to handle your commercial pool needs efficiently and professionally. We are that company! At Azul Pool we believe that your customers deserve the best and nothing less! Azul is proud to provide services to several resorts, hotels, professional sports facilities and HOAs throughout the valley.

Azul specializes in automation systems for both installation and maintenance. At Azul, we understand and help managers with their pool needs. We have tailored services that will help you: we offer are training your staff, providing you with chemicals, commercial pool repairs of all kinds, permits, remodels and decking (to name a few).

Call us today for your commercial swimming pool repair and service needs!